Founded in 1996  WTQT and its parent organization, the Louisiana Community Development Capital Fund (CAPFUND) continue to help countless families to lead happier, more prosperous lives.




WTQT 106.1 FM wants to connect to all of those in the community who advance the gospel of JESUS CHRIST so that churches grow, relationships are perfected, businesses prosper, the community is safer, families are encouraged and all of these people are united by the power in GOD’S love.


Our TV Group/Our TV Network


Our  TV  Group  is  organized  as  a  Corporation,  and  is  the  Managing  partner  of  Our  TV Network/Thought  Network Broadcasting. Our  Tv  Group  is  majority owned  by  African  Americans and recently  became  the  managing  partners  / owners  of  Broadcast  and Radio  stations  within  the Louisiana  market.


The  Company’s  mission  is  to  provide  an  avenue  for  the  areas  community  to  have  content  designed  specifically  to connect them  to  the  positive  aspects  of  their  communities  and  give  them  a  voice,  a  diverse  voice,  in  the  affairs  of their  cities  through core  programming.  Our  Tv  Group/Our  Tv  Network  supplies a  partnership  of  programming  that includes  original  programming and  major  TV  network  programming  in  Shreveport-­‐Monroe-­‐Alexandria, also  providing new  content  with  its  sub  digital  stations, and  our  radio  stations  in  Baton  Rouge,  and  Tallulah.